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Location Safety Ltd staff are experienced operating in and around water, both moving and static, we are able to assist with ensuring your cast and crews safety.

No matter the water type, be it river, coastal or lake you will be able to film safely, day or night. With highly qualified and experienced flood and swift water rescue technicians, water rescue instructors and canoe / kayak / rafting instructors whom are also experienced mountain rescue experts, in our staff pool, your production team will be in safe hands.

safety boat - bankside safety - filming - rescue boat - water safety and rescue - location safety ltd

We can offer a range of water safety measures to you, from equipment hire including life jackets and throw-ins / life rings though to standby rescue cover, with rescue swimmers and manned safety boats depending on what your and the locations safety needs are.

We have a range of boats available to provide stand-off safety cover for your production as well as being able to provide work boats for your crew to operate from.

Whether you bring us in to provide safety cover, train your crew in how to operate safely around water or instruct your cast in swimming in still or moving water we can assist you.

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