Location Safety Ltd can assist you in keeping your cast and crew safe while working at heights, whether on man-made buildings / structures or out in the natural environment: cliffs, quarries, mountains, forests, steep banks and hillsides.

Whether it be positioning cameras and crews in exposed locations, such as a cliff or building edge, or lowering them over the edge we can provide the expertise to keep your cast and crew safe. We can provide and rig systems using both rope and wire systems to keep your cast and crew safe, whether in shot or behind the scenes. If in shot rope techniques are required, we can support your cast with both training and supervision, working with your stunt team.

We can provide all technical equipment, from harnesses and helmets, alongside any rope or wire work that is required for the cast and crew. Location Safety Ltd can provide any training your crew or cast require.

We are able to provide standby technical and mountain rescue cover for your location, so in the case of an incident you have specialist teams on site immediately, allowing for the best possible outcome. Our staff are all experienced in the emergency services, predominately from a mountain or cave rescue background, meaning you have the best possible support straight away, with people whom are capable at operating in these environments. These people including: rope rescue instructors, climbing or mountaineering instructors and IRATA rope access technicians.

We can assist you with provision of fall arrest, work restraint or work positioning services. both for crew or for cast in shot, where we can support stunt teams with any technical rigging that may be required.

We will always come a recce any location with you before filming to identify the best provision available to help you get the shot you want. Whatever provision or combination of systems are used we will provide you with full risk assessments and method plans, including our rescue plans that will all be bespoke to what is required to each location.

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Fall Arrest

Location Safety Ltd can rig temporary safety lines or provide advice as to what parts of a structure can be used as an anchor point. As well as providing advice, safety and rescue cover on location we can hire and train your crew in their use.

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Work Restraint

We can provide both restraint harnesses and belts, depending on what is required, allowing cast or crew to be positioned next to a hazard without them being able to get into a position where they could fall. This could be for fixed points at the end of tethers or installing temporary lifelines at locations.

Work Positioning

This is where a person is in suspension on ropes, they will always have 2 points of attachment We would use this so that we could position a camera or a cast member on the side of a mountain, cliff, building or structure. Our team can also provide training to individuals to operate using these systems and techniques.

Please get in touch and we will be more than happy to talk through your requirements and advise how we can help.

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