Whilst we all adapt our working practices for the current situation with COVID-19, Location Safety Ltd are here to help support you, getting your production back to a position to resume or start filming. We can help you develop realistic, pragmatic solutions to film safely.

We can work with you to develop:

COVID-19 Risk Assessments

As a real hazard for your production, we will work with you to identify and produce a specific risk assessment, working alongside the high level industry guidelines available. We can help you to review your studio space, locations and actions to see how these can be used as safely as possible.

A COVID-19 risk assessment is an assessment of the risks that your production faces both in terms of introducing the virus to the work place and the risks from spreading it through your cast and crew. There is a need to identify who is at risk, how they may be infected, what controls will need to be implemented to manage these risks and how those controls are going to be monitored to ensure they are working. This should sit alongside your normal production risk assessments.

The Government states you must carry out an assessment of the risks posed by Covid-19, if you have more than 5 employees this must be written down, like any other risk assessment. If possible, you should publish the risk assessment, if you have more than 50 employees, the government is expecting you to.

COVID-19 Operating Procedures

Once a COVID-19 risk assessment has been undertaken, we can help you develop and  implement the controls that needed into safe working practices that will need to be undertaken across your production.

On Set Safety Advisors

Location Safety Ltd can support you with providing on set safety advisors whether for the duration of your shoot, recces or on an adhoc basis to help monitor your COVID-19 protocols alongside other production risks.

COVID-19 Supervisors

As per the British Film Commission Guidance, Location Safety Ltd can provide dedicated COVID-19 Supervisors, to assist your production management team, with monitoring compliance with social distancing and other health and safety measures on your set.

If you choose to rather have a dual role crew member undertake the COVID-19 Supervisor role, then get in touch to see how we can support them in this position on a retainer basis. We can provide telephone and email safety advice to any questions that may arise.


We are developing different levels of training for crew regarding COVID-19, both at an awareness level and higher levels for those in senior positions regarding their responsibilities.

COVID-19 awareness course – for all cast and crew more information to be released week commencing 22/06/2020. Please e-mail us to register your interest. 

COVID-19 Supervision and Enforcement course – designated supervision, head of departments and enforcement staff more information to be released week commencing 22/06/2020. Please e-mail us to register your interest. 

Alongside this we are able to tailor training to the specific needs of your production. Please get in touch to find out more regarding our training packages.

ScreenSkills – basic online awareness training (coming soon)

World Health Organisation – Free COVID-19 online courses

Future Learn – COVID-19: Tackling the novel coronavirus

Industry Resources

Government – Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

British Film Commission – COVID-19/Coronavirus guidance

PACT – TV production guidance

BECTU – Film and TV recovery plan

Advertising Producers Association – COVID-19 shooting guidelines

Film and TV Charity

Please get in touch so we can talk through your project and start to support you straight away.

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